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Toilet paper

You may not always think about it, but toilet paper is a very important part of our lives. Most people cannot imagine a day without it. What to choose from?

We don't always think about it, but toilet paper is very important for all of us. There are people who do not use it and live completely ecologically, but most of us do not. Buying is certainly not a problem, but you always must decide which brand and how many layers to buy for your convenience. You can choose between one, two and three layers of product. We can simply say that single-layer toilet paper is a waste of money. You must use a lot of them to create more layers, so you use a lot more than you must. In the final, you pay more for them than you must. It is therefore much better to invest in two or three-layer variants of this product.

Colgate Maximum Cavity Protection 929 ELVIVE ELVIVE Maximum LISTERI. COOL MIN ISTERINE COOL MINT LISTERINE COOL MINT Colgate Maximum Cavity Protection Colgate MavimuamlY 2795 995 495 1995 AED AED AED AED ЗX250ML 4X100ML З PCS 2X400ML غسول الفم )عدة ألوان( - ليسترين 250X3 مل Listerine Mouthwash (Asrt) فر شاة اسنان )عدة الوان( - بابسودان 3 قطع Pepsodent Toothbrush (Asrt) معجون الأسنان )أصلي( - كولجيت 0X4 10مل شامبو)عدة ألوان( - لوريال الفيف 400 مل بلسم 0 40 مل Colgate Toothpaste (Original) L'oreal Elvive Shampoo + Conditioner (Asrt) 3Atian head& shoulders heade shoulders 2-1 2-1 10 Lifebuoy Lieb TOP classic clean classic clean Dettol Clear F ar Face Matcha Clear Face skincare B SKIN WIPES 2055 895 1695 1895 AED AED AED 2X400ML 3X250ML 3X10'S 2X200ML+180GM شامبو )عدة روانج( - هيد اند شولدرز 0X2 40 مل Head & Shoulders Shampoo (Asrt) 2x400ml منظف الوجه )عدة األوان( -توب 250x3 مل Top Clear Face Facial Cleanser (Asrt) مناديل البشرة مضادة ل لبكتريا -ديتول 10x3 مناديل Dettol Anti-bacterial Skin Wipes غسول اليدين )عدة ألوان( - لايفبوي 0x2 20 مل + 180 مل Lifebuoy Handwash (Asrt) NEWI-Lus 9+3 Sanita. УВойсиеt. rolls ettol Dettol FREE LO Pampers. Brugie 36 40 44 56 FREE Extra Sheets pants Ugs Itong, Absorbent. Long losting 5895 3995 1995 tolet Tee 995 AED AED AED PER PACK 2X1LTR 4XROLLS 12 ROLLS كلوت الأطفال )عدة احجام( - بامبرز ل لعلبة jil 1X2 Joiya- Jabaeo ورق نشاف - سانيتا بوكيه 4 لفانف ورق حمام - سانيتا بوكيه 12 لفافة Pampers Baby Pants (Asrt) Dettol Antiseptic Disinfectant Sanita Bouquet Household Towels Sanita Bouquet Toilet Tissue Fine maya's classic SOFTAC TISS mayn mayas a maya? ورق تنشيف MAXI ROLL BOFT FACIAL TISSUES KITCHEN TOWELS mayA FOR YOUR DAILY KITCHEN & HOUSEHOLD NEIDS MORE ABSORBANCY 1455 995 395 895 AED SIFT FAOAL SSUES AED AED AED TWIN PACK 6X150'S 5X150'S 2X60'S 150MTR محارم الوجة )2 طبقة( - فاين 150X6 منديل Fine Facial Tissue مناشف المطبخ )2 طبقة( - ماباس 60X2 ورقة Kitchen Towel (2ply) ورق تنشيف )2 طبقة( - ماياس 150 متر Maxi Roll (2ply) محارم وجه ناعمة )2 طبقة( - ماياس 150X5منديل Soft Facial Tissues (2 Ply) OPEN 24/7 Your Neighborhood Supermarket ToFREE uaposde

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