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What and when is Father's Day?

Father's Day, which is always celebrated on the third Sunday in June in United Arab Emirates and many other countries, is a celebration with the intention of honouring fathers all around the world. It is believed that the first Father’s Day was celebrated following a mining accident in which over 1,000 children were left orphaned. One of these orphans, Grace Golden Clayton from West Virginia, campaigned for a special church service in order to honour the deaths of these 362 men.

Father's Day in UAE

Father's Day is not only a day to celebrate dads, but also stepfathers, fathers-in-law and grandfathers or any paternal figure. It is a day to spend time with your father by spoiling him with a meal out, buying him a card containing loving quotes inside, socks, slippers and other gifts. Instead of buying him a gift, many people in Europe choose to spend the day with their fathers doing different activities such as fishing, golfing or bowling. At schools, children make cards with loving messages inside or other art and crafts to gift their fathers with. If you are unable to be with your father on day, it is common to call and share your Father's Day wishes with him.

Father's Day offers

Large retail chains such as Carrefour, Lulu Hypermarket, Sharaf DG or Adidas issue special Father's Day catalogues and discount leaflets to give you some ideas of what presents which you can buy. Other than cards, the best-selling products are socks, ties, sports products and aftershave. Children living abroad can choose to order cards and flowers online to wish their fathers a happy Father's Day and have them delivered.

Father's Day shopping

Top Offers.ae offers you an overview of the best offers and discounts via the leaflets issued by your favourite shops. Don’t leave everything until the last minute and have a look at what is on offer to make sure that you have the perfect present for your father this year.

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