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Sports activities are very beneficial for your body and soul. In bad weather, however, we often neglect it. Get the right equipment and it will work on its own.

Do you like to run, but don't want to in the winter or rain? And at the same time, you don't have a gym nearby or don't you want to go there? Treadmill is the best way to solve all these problems and you will be able to practice whenever you want. You can buy a motorized or non-motorized treadmill. If you choose the variant without an engine, you will enjoy a low price and operating costs. On the other hand, you will have to move it on your own and you can't put too much strain on it. On the other hand, the engine model is more expensive and larger, but you have a much wider range of functions, load programs and your experience with this type will be completely different and will also last you much longer. It just depends on how seriously you take the sport, how much you want to do it and how much money you have available.

Before buying new equipment, you need to think carefully about several important factors. This is the maximum speed, which is usually from 0 to 20 km / h. For some types, however, you can get a higher speed. You need at least 15 km / h for regular use. Engine power is also important. If you use the machine more often, you need 4-5 HP, if you do not plan to train too often, 2-3 HP will suffice. But you must think about your needs

Of course, you also must look at the load capacity, because the higher the load capacity, the higher the service life of the product. The normal load capacity is from 100 to 170 kg, so you will be carried away, but you will also know the quality of the model accordingly. If you are planning a more demanding movement with a tilt, you will certainly be interested in its maximum value. The maximum is usually 20 degrees, but you must follow your own requirements. You must choose mainly according to how often and with what intensity you will use the treadmill. If you, do it more often, you need more performance and more features. Otherwise, a cheaper option will suffice, which will also serve you well.


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